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The Happy Project

What Makes You Happy?

The Happy Project started in 2001 as a participatory art project on my birthday when I wanted something a little more than a typical birthday celebration.  That night I asked everyone present to write down 10 things that made him or her happy.  Later, during another get-together, I exhibited all of the responses I first gathered on my birthday.  It struck a chord.
In 2003, I started using postcards for the project.

If you would like to participate in the project, please send an email with "Happy Project" in the subject heading to:
tenhappythings (at) gmail (dot) com

I will mail a postcard to you so that you may write a list of 10 things that make you happy. Those “things” may include people, places, moments, or whatever it is that makes you feel happy. You are also welcome to embellish the card as you please.

If you change your mind about participating after you have received the card, please pass it on to someone who would like to fill it out.

In the future, I plan to create a book of the scanned postcards. Whether the cards are plain or decorated, each one is unique and interesting. Please check this site for updates because your card will be published! 

 Please understand that there is no monetary compensation and/or royalties for submitting information and being involved in the project. Remember to use discretion when revealing your first and last name because when you fill out the card, you agree to let the card and its contents to be exhibited, reproduced, modified, distributed and published in any form (including books).  By submitting a postcard, you grant for all perpetuity all of the copyright of the postcard and its contents to Amparo Jelsma.  You grant the right that the postcard may be used in other projects yet unforeseen.  The Happy Project may change its name in the future for exhibition and/or publication purposes.  If you wish to remain anonymous, just write your first name, a fake name, or none at all.  Do not submit a postcard if you don't  wish to grant Amparo Jelsma these rights.

Thank you!
~Amparo Jelsma
Founder of the Happy Project

A note to bloggers and writers out there: Do not plagiarize. Do not copy this project and call it yours. This project started in 2001 and there are postmarks dating back to 2003.
Everything you see here is protected by copyright.